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Service your vehicle before your last summer road trip

Looking for a way to end the summer with a bang? An exciting road trip is something we highly suggest here at Keesee Motor Company, but not without servicing your vehicle beforehand.


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Even thinking about running into car trouble on a gorgeous summer day is something that stresses us out, and we're sure youonline today.

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Get a New Ford Explorer In Cortez

If you are in need of a family vehicle, or a professional vehicle with expansive interior space, few driving options are as versatile, powerful, or safe as the Ford Explorer.

This is because, like other Ford vehicles, the Explorer has been built to provide drivers with the utmost reliability, and dependability on the road. This is accomplished both thanks its sturdy design, and with its advanced technological features.

Check out what Shannon thinks of her Ford Explorer in this video where she explains a few features she loves.

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2018 Ford F-150 is Tough Enough to Be Pursuit-Rated

It's possible you are in law enforcement, or are interested in law enforcement enough to be excited by the news that the 2018 F-150 Police Responder will be the first pursuit-rated pickup ever to go into service this fall. But chances are, you're a civilian customer just looking for a nice normal F-150.

Why should an average Joe like you care?

Kelley Blue Book notes that Ford's patrol-duty…

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Take the Headache out of Towing with a 2017 Ford F-150

Towing isn't always a walk in the park. The task comes with its own set of challenges and potential setbacks. You are adding a significant amount of weight to the back of your vehicle, after all. But with the 2017 F-150 equipped with tow-assist features, towing doesn't have to be a pain.

Ford understands that Colorardo drivers who choose the F-150 expect exceptional towing capability, so the company added a range of features that make the process more straightforward than ever.

For example, you can use a guidance system in the rearview display to make sure you line…

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Keep Your Investment Pristine with a Car Wash

The sticker price on a car is never cheap, whether it is used or new. A car is a pricey investment for most, so you want to keep it clean with a weekly car wash. Your car is used for work, travel and everyday errands. You expect it to operate properly when you are ready to use it. Proper maintenance makes this possible and keeping it clean is a part of that up keep.

These are just a few reasons to give your car a regular washing. A car wash shields your car from the elements. The paint job is…
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Road Trips Can Break Us Down

A road trip can be mentally exhausting. Kids might complain. Parents might complain. You might need to stop every thirty miles for bathroom breaks. You might have children who are getting bored. It can simply break you down. The same can be said for cars. The weight of the world is on your tires. Mechanical issues do pop up from time to time. Even the most dependable vehicles have issues.

A car could break down as well. This happens to the best of cars. The last thing you need in your human break down is a car break down. It…
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Tire Checks to Perform

Keeping track of your tires can be a challenging process if you aren’t familiar with how to do so. However, small checks can help to greatly extend the life of your tires and reduce the frequency that you need to change your tires.
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Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Weak

A battery is the heart of your car, powering every electrical component. But unlike the human heart, a battery needs replacing with a fresh unit every few years when it begins to lose its capacity to hold a charge. There are several surefire signs that you need to make an appointment with our service department for a battery testing and likely replacement:
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