Meet the Tech Savvy Ford C-MAX

The popular Ford C-MAX hybrid is small in size but big on technology. The center of the dashboard features the infotainment system that comes with a standard touchscreen. The user-friendly tech also has voice-activated electronics. Link it with your smartphone for total control. In addition to allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes, the system is great for navigation. 

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Multiple Technology Tools Are Included with the EcoSport

If you want to enjoy pleasant, safe trips throughout Cortez, the Ford EcoSport's tools can help you accomplish these objectives. The process of using the technologies is simple, as the buttons and icons are conveniently mounted in the center of the cabin. Because efficiency is important to Ford engineers, they designed this particular automobile with convenient features that increase awareness while boosting safety. For example, by using the Blind Spot Information System, you can drive in traffic without worrying about other motorists in zones that are tough to detect. 

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Ford Focus ST Design Features

The Ford Focus ST is one of the most popular and bestselling vehicles in the United States today. One of the reasons why would be because of the great technology features. Simply put this is technology that gives you the most bang for your buck. Here are but a few examples:

First of all, the 2018 model of the Ford Focus has great driver assist technologies available. There are a number of cameras mounted at various locations on the vehicle that give the driver many different views of the traffic.

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The Ford Escape is Capable of Much

If you are searching for an SUV that you can use for a number of projects that you need to get done and that you can know is capable of handling all kinds of conditions on the Cortez streets, consider the Ford Escape. This is a popular compact SUV set up with capability features to enhance your driving.

The Ford Escape helps you handle your vehicle at all times and in all conditions by setting you up with an Intelligent Four Wheel Drive System.

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Overview of Ford Taurus Technology Features

The Ford Taurus comes complete with an array of innovative technology features. The Ford Taurus technology features include adaptive cruise control. This is considered a step beyond traditional cruise control. By monitoring surrounding traffic, and the speed of other vehicles, adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts the speed of the Taurus.

Another of the Ford Taurus technology features is the Lane Keeping system. 

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The Ford Transit Connect Features the Technology You Wish For

When you are searching for a popular cargo van and passenger wagon, do not overlook the Ford Transit Connect. This vehicle has the technology that you want and it also works out well for your business or family needs.

With the Ford Transit Connect, you have the option to be set up with SYNC3 technology. This can help you when you are on the go and it can give you a good traveling experience. 

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Ford Taurus offers Design Features the Entire Family Will Love

Great looking design features may be the first thing shoppers notice when they see the new Ford Taurus, a popular full-size sedan, but there’s so much more than just designs. Excellent fuel economy, powerful engine and all the latest technology can also be found in the 2018 Ford Taurus. If you’d like to learn and see more, come see us at Keesee Motor Company and speak to one of our staff.

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Car Battery Service & Replacement Help

Have you noticed your car losing electrical charge or simply being slow to respond at startup? You may have a failing car battery. Every year, you should head to an auto parts store for a free battery checkup. You can get a readout of how your battery is performing and whether or not you'll need to replace it soon.

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Possible Issues with Your Fuel Pump

If you're driving serenely down the road and suddenly, your engine begins to sputter or suddenly lurch and surge forward, these may be tell-tale signs that the fuel pump is on the verge of dying. The fuel system is a vital part of the fuel system, and the vehicle will stop running if it fails.

The fuel pump's job is to deliver fuel to the engine smoothly and consistently. 

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